Book Catalog

Westphalia Press offers a wide variety of works. Here is a listing of our catalog in alphabetical order:


Abbeys, Castles and Ancient Halls of England and Wales

       Adrift on an Ice-Pan

Adventures of Hunters and Travellers and Narratives of Border Warfare

Alchemy, Ancient and Modern: Meaning, Theory and Lies of Alchemists Across the Ages

The Amenities of Book Collecting

       American Indian Fairy Tales: To Young America from the Oldest Americans

       American Indian Love Lyrics: and Other Verse from the Songs of North American Indians

Anti-Masonry and the Murder of Morgan: Lee S. Tillotson’s Ancient Craft Masonry in Vermont

Ancient Masonic Mysteries: John Perry’s The Freemason’s Gift

The Arab of Mesopotomia

The Autobiography of Theophilus Waldemeier

Avant-Garde Politician


Baghdad and Points East

       The Bahai Movement: A Series of Nineteen Papers

Baronial Bedrooms: The Kama Sutra of Grand Design

The Basket Maker: An Illustrated Guide to 20th Century Basket Weaving

       Bees in Amber: A Little Book of Thoughtful Verse

       Beijing Express: How To Understand New China

Benjamin Franklin and Canada

Benjamin Franklin as a Man of Letters

       Best Practices for High Impact Threats to Critical Infrastructure: Conference Proceedings of the           InfraGard National EMP SIG Sessions at the 2016 Dupont Summit

Between Conflict and Conformity: Freemasonry During the Weimar Republic and the “Third Reich”

The Blackmore Country: A Pedigree of the Blackmore Family

Bohemian San Francisco: Its Restaurants and Their Most Famous Recipes

A Book of American Trade-Marks & Devices: An Illustration of Early Advertising Logos

Bookplates of the Kings: Christine Price’s Catalogue of Royal Bookplates

Boston Unitarianism 1820-1850: A Study of the Life and Work of Nathaniel Langdon Frothingham

The Boy Chums Cruising in Florida Waters

British Letters: Illustrative of Character and Social Life

Bugle Echoes: A Collection of the Poetry of the Civil War

Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington Vol. I

       Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington Vol. II

       Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington: Vol. III

Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington Vol. IV

Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington Vol. V

Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington Vol. VI

       Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington: Vol. VII

       Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington Vol. VIII

       Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington: Vol. IX

       Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington: Vol. X

       Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington: Vol. 12

       Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington: Vol. 15

Bulwarks Against Poverty in America


California Chinese Chatter

Captain Bayley’s Heir: A Tale of the Gold Fields of California

Captain John Smith and His Critics

       The Capture and Execution of John Brown: A Tale of Martyrdom

Careers in the Face of Challenge: Horatio Alger’s Telegraph Boy

       A Century of French Fiction: Balzac, Flaubert, Stendhal and More

Chains of Empire: English Public Schools, Masonic Children, Historical Causality, and Imperial Clubdom

Challenges Facing Freemasonry

Chess Masterpieces: A Collection of Selected Games by World Masters

Chinese Nights Entertainment: Stories of Old China

Civility and the Great War: The Stakes of Diplomacy

Collaborating Through Virtual Communities Using Cloud Technology

Collecting American Presidential Autographs: Paul C. Richards’ The Presidents of the United States of America

Collecting Old Books: Percy Fitzgerald’s The Book Fancier

Colonial American History: The Essential Story

Conflicts in Health Policy

Contracting, Logistics, Reverse Logistics: The Project, Program and Portfolio Approach

Crime 3.0: The Rise of Global Crime in the XXIst Century

Criminology Confronts Cultural Change

Criminology in a Hostile Environment

Curious Epitaphs: Collected from the Graveyards of Great Britain and Ireland: with Biographical, Genealogical, and Historical Notes

       Cyrus Hall McCormick: His Life and Work



Dante and His Time

Death Valley in ’49

Debating the Ku Klux Klan

       Deep Sea Chanties: Old Sea Songs

A Definitive Commentary on Bookplates: Edward Gordon Craig’s Nothing, or The Bookplate

The Design of Life: Development from a Human Perspective

Designing, Adapting, Strategizing in Online Education

       Dialogue in the Greco-Roman World

        A Dictionary of Old English Music & Musical Instruments

A Dictionary of Secret & Other Societies: A Look at American Organizations, 1800-1920

Disaster Response: Medical and Health Policies

Discourse on the Life and Character of William Wirt

The Discovery of the Five Great Lakes

Dr. John Bull

       Drinking-Water and Ice Supplies and Their Relations to Health and Disease: Filtration in the                  1900s

Dudley Wright: Writer, Truthseeker & Freemason


Earl Warren’s Masonic Lodge: Herbert Phillips’ Fifty Year History of Sequoia Lodge

The Early History of Surgery in Great Britain: Its Organization and Development

An Early Theosophical Controversy

Earthworms, Horses, and Living Things: William DuPuy’s Our Animal Friends and Foes

Eben Holding’s Last Day A-Fishing

Edwin Arlington Robinson: A Poet’s Brave Departure

Egypt: The Death of Philae

Egypt and Its Betrayal: Personal Recollections by Elbert Farman

Eight Decades in Syria

Elixir of Empire: The English Public Schools, Ritualism, Freemasonry, and Imperialism

Engaging Communities for High-Impact Threats to Critical Infrastructure: Dupont Summit 2015 Conference Proceedings of the InfraGard National EMP SIG Sessions

Engineering America: The Rise of the American Professional Class, 1838-1920


The Essence of Harvard: Charles W. Eliot’s Harvard Memories

       The Etchings of Rembrandt: A Study and History

Europe’s Welfare Policies: The Frayed Safety Net: European Policy Analysis, Vo. 1, No. 1

European Policy Complexities and Conundrums

Expansive Civility: The American Chesterfield


Facts and Speculations about the Origin and History of Playing Cards

Famous Stars of Light Opera

Feeding the Global South: Food in Asian and African Societies

Fiat Lux

The Fire-Fly’s Lovers: And Other Fairy Tales of Old Japan

The First Forty-Niner and the Story of the Golden Tea-Caddy

Fishing the Florida Keys: Wendell Endicott’s Adventures with Rod and Harpoon Along the Florida Keys

Florence Nightingale: The Wounded Soldier’s Friend

       For Rulers: Priming Political Leaders for Saving Humanity from Itself

A Fox-Hunting Anthology: Selections from the Writers of the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries

France & New England Volume 1

France & New England Volume 2

France & New England Volume 3

Freemasonry: A French View

Freemasonry in All Ages

Freemasonry in Canada

Freemasonry in Inverness

Freemasonry in Old Buffalo: James Leroy Nixon’s History of Buffalo Consistory

Freemasonry’s Research Agenda

The French Foreign Legion: David King’s Ten Thousand Shall Fall

       A Frenchman in the Gold Rush: The Journal of Ernest De Massey, Argonaut of 1849

From the Farm to the Presidential Chair: The Life and Public Services of James A. Garfield

Frontier Law: A Story of Vigilante Days

Future Faces of Food and Food Security


Gems of Poetry and Song on James A. Garfield

Gems of Song for Eastern Star Chapters

A General Register of all the Lodges and Grand Lodges of Freemasons in North America

The Genius of Freemasonry: William B. Clarke’s Leaves From Georgia Masonry

Gilded Play: Mary J. Jacques’s Pranks and Pastimes

Gold Days: California During the Eventful Days of ’49

Grandmother Brown’s One Hundred Years, 1827-1927: Settling the Midwest

       The Great Indian Religions: Being a Popular Account of Brahmanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and           Zoroastrianism

Growing Inequality: Bridging Complex Systems, Population Health, and Health Disparities

Gunboat and Gun-Runner


Hadji in Syria, or, Three Years in Jerusalem

Harvard Episodes

Harvard University Songs 

       Herbert Hoover: A Reminiscent Biography

Hints on Masonic Etiquette

       The Historic Codfish: A History of the Emblem of the Codfish in the Hall of the House of                        Representatives

       A Historical Account of Columbian Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Boston

       The History of the Jews: From 586 BCE to 1900 CE

       A History of the Jews in England

History of the Knights of Pythias

       The History of Men’s Raiment

        The History of the Order of the Eastern Star Among Colored People

The History of Playing Cards: Anecdotes for Their Use in Conjuring, Fortune Telling & Card Sharping

        The History of Photography: Carl W. Ackerman’s George Eastman 

History of the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance of 1851

       A History of Shorthand, Written in Shorthand

History of the Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass

Homeopathy: B.F. Bittinger’s Historical Sketch of Washington’s Hahnemann Monument

How Washington Lost His Birthday and Other Masonic Essays: Gaston Lichtenstein’s How George Washington Lost His Birthday

Hymns to the Gods & Other Poems


       Iceland: Horseback Tours in Saga Land

The Idea of Neoliberalism: The Emperor Has Threadbare Contemporary Clothes

The Idea of the Digital University: Ancient Traditions, Disruptive Technologies and the Battle for the Soul of Higher Education

       Illustrated Sketches of Death Valley: and Other Borax Deserts of the Pacific Coast

Indian and Scout: A Tale of the Gold Rush to California

       Individual Cookery: 357 Recipes

Industrial Civility: Primer of Politeness

The Ins and Outs of Mesopotamia

International or Local Ownership?: Security Sector Development in Post-Independent Kosovo

Invasions of the Gulf: Radicalism, Ritualism and the Shaikhs

Iran: Who Is Really In Charge?

Israel’s Future Wars: Military and Political Aspects of Israel’s Coming Wars

Ivanhoe Masonic Quartettes


James A. Garfield: The Backwoods Boy Who Became President

James Martineau and Rebuilding Theology: J. Estlin Carpenter’s James Martineau, Theologian and Scholar

Jewish Ceremonial Institutions and Customs

Jiu-Jitsu Combat Tricks: Japanese Feats of Attack and Defence in Personal Encounter

Joe Strong, the Boy Wizard

John Brown: A Biography, 1800-1859

John Hawke’s Fortune: A Story of Monmouth’s Rebellion

John Rowe: An Eighteenth Century Boston Angler


La Máquina Oscura

The Land of the Date

Lankes, His Woodcut Bookplates

Lariats and Lassos: Bernard S. Mason’s How to Spin a Rope

         The Laws of Ecarte: The Laws of Écarté, Adopted by The Turf and Portland Clubs with a                      Treatise on the Game

L’Enfant and the Freemasons: H. Paul Caemmer’s The Life of Pierre Charles L’Enfant

Letters of General John Forbes relating to the Expedition Against Fort Duquesne

Letters from Uncle Henry: Being His Adventures with Children, Dogs, Fairies, Ambitious Pigs, and Others

       The Little Confectioner: 19th Century Candy and Cake

Lodge “Himalayan Brotherhood” No. 459 E.C.: Minute Books and Correspondence

       The Lodge of Washington and His Neighbors

       The Log of a Forty-Niner

Los BRICS y el Discurso del Nacionalismo en el Siglo XXI

       Los Dibujos de Heriberto Juarez / The Drawings of Heriberto Juarez

Lyrics & Love Songs: Gen. Albert Pike and the Old Canoe Controversy


       Ma Cheuk as Played by the Chinese

The Magic of Oz

Making Trouble for Muslims: A. Rawlinson’s Adventures in the Near East

The Man Who Killed President Garfield: George H. Herbert’s Guiteau the Assassin

Manifest Civility

Manual of the Eastern Star: Containing the Symbols, Scriptural Illustratons, Lectures, etc. Adapted to the Sytem of Speculative Masonry

Manual of Knights Templar

Masonic Poems

Masonic Regularity

Masonic Regularity and Recognition: A Global Issue

Masonic Secret Signs and Passwords: The 1856 Edition of Jeremy L. Cross’s The True Masonic Chart 

Masonic Tombstones and Masonic Secrets: Dora C. Jett’s  Minor Sketches of Major Folk

Material History and Ritual Objects: George Blake Dexter’s The Lure of Amateur Collecting

Maxims of James Abram Garfield

Meeting Minutes of Naval Lodge No. 4 F.A.A.M. 1812

Meeting Minutes of Naval Lodge No. 4 F.A.A.M. 1813

Memoirs of a Poor Relation: Being the Story of a Post-War Southern Girl and Her Battle With Destiny

Mexico en 1554

Mexico En Marcha

Mexico: The Wonderland of the South

Mexico y sus luchas internas: resena sintetica de los movimientos revolucionarios de 1910 a 1920

Middle East Conflicts & Reforms

Misunderstood Children

Mitigating High-Impact Threats to Critical Infrastructure (2013)

Mr. Garfield of Ohio: James S. Brisbin’s The Early Lfe and Public Career of James A. Garfield

The Mummy: Chapters on Egyptian Funeral Archeology

My Ogowe: Being a Narrative of Daily Incidents During Sixteen Years in Equatorial West Africa


Natural Gas as an Instrument of Russian State Power

Naturism in the United States: Frances and Mason Merrill’s Nudism Comes to America

Negro Poetry and Drama: Revisiting the Voices of Early African American Figures

New Challenges and New Roles in World Food Policy

New Directions in the Middle East

New Frontiers in Criminology

New Ideas for Online Learning: Keeping Up with the Changes

New Sources on Women and Freemasonry

No Bird Lacks Feathers: William Atherton Dupuy’s Our Bird Friends and Foes


Observations of a Bahai Traveler

Ocean Life in the Old Sailing Ship Days

Old Chinatown: Turn of the Century Photographs of San Francisco’s Chinatown

Old London Taverns: Historical, Descriptive, and Reminiscent

        The Old Spanish Missions of California: A Historical and Descriptive Sketch

Old Time Schools and School Books

Old Towpaths: The Story of the American Canal Era

Old-World Japan: Legends of the Land of the Gods

On Foreign Service

       Ongoing Issues in Georgian Policy and Public Administration

Opportunity and Horatio Alger: Horatio Alger’s Mark Mason’s Triumph

An Oration Delivered Before the Municipal Authorities of the City of Boston

Oriental Rambles

Original Cables from the Pearl Harbor Attack: David Hurlburt’s War Comes to the U.S. – Dec. 7, 1941

The Orpheus C. Kerr Papers

Outlining Magic Circles: Jessie Bancroft’s Games for the Playground, Home, School, and Gymnasium


Paddle Your Own Canoe: Horatio Alger’s Strong and Steady

       Palaces of Sin, or The Devil in Society

The Passing of the Storm

        Patty Gray’s Journey from Boston to Baltimore: Stories for Children

The Peace Negotiations: A Personal Narrative

       Peasant Art in Sweden, Lapland and Iceland

Philippine Masonic Directory ~ 1918

Pioneer Days in the Wyoming Valley

Plain Thoughts on Secret Societies

Planning Resilience for High Impact Threats to Critical Infrastructure

Policy Perspectives from Promising New Scholars in Complexity

The Pope and the Freemasons: The Letter “Humanum Genus” of the Pope, Leo, XIII against Free-Masonry and the Spirit of the Age

       Popular Guide to Homeopathy for Family and Private Use

Post-Arab Spring: Middle East Reviews

Postwar Civility: On Kindness

Poverty in America: Urban and Rural Inequality and Deprivation in the 21st Century

       Practical Falconry: To Which is Added, How I Became a Falconer

President John Quincy Adams’ Quarrel with the Freemasons

       The Prisoners of 1776: A Relic of the Revolution

Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia ~ 1898

Productive Bee-Keeping Modern Methods of Production and Marketing of Honey: Lippincott’s Farm Manuals

Progressive Civility: Wehman’s New Book on Etiquette and Politeness

The Public Administrator: Contenders, Contentions, and Tensions


Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont, USN: A Biography

Recollections of the Early Days of American Accountancy, 1883-1893

The Republican Manual: History, Principles, Early Leaders, Achievements of the Republican Party

        Resilient Hospitals Handbook: Strengthening Healthcare and Public Health Resilience in                      Advance of a Prolonged and Widespread Power Outage

Revolutionary Civility: Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation

       The Riddle of the Rhine: Chemical Strategy in Peace and War

Rigorous Grading Using Microsoft Word AutoCorrect: Plus Google Docs

       Ritual Order of the Rainbow for Girls

Ritual and Secrecy Confront Reality

Roads of Adventure

Royal Arch Masonry in Pennsylvania: William J. Paterson’s History of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Pennsylvania and Masonic Jurisdictions Thereunto Belonging

Ruins and Old Trees Associated with Memorable Events in English History


Salt Water Game Fishing

Schooldays of Fred Harley: Or, Rivals for all Honors

Secret Chambers and Hiding Places: The Historic, Romantic & Legendary Stories & Traditions About Hiding Holes, Secret Chambers, Etc.

       Secrets & Lies in the United Kingdom: Analysis of Political Corruption

A Series of Twelve Articles Introductory to the Study of the Baha’i Teachings

Seventy Five Years in California: A History of Events and Life in California During the 1800s

Signpost of Learning: King Bhumibol’s Pilot Projects on Sufficiency and Sustainability in Food and Food Production

A Small Basket of Chips From the Quarries

Social Media Writing Lesson Plans for YouTube, Facebook, NaNoWriMo, CreateSpace: Bonus Intro to Blogger

Social Satire and the Modern Novel: Arnold Bennet’s Buried Alive

Socrates: An Oration

Songs of a Sourdough

The Speculative Art of Alchemy: A Textbook on the Art of Self-Regeneration

Spies I Knew

Spring or Cruel Winter?: The Evolution of the Arab Revolutions

Springfield: The Novel

Spying on America: Leon G. Turrou’s The Nazi Spy Conspiracy in America

Stanford Patriarchs

Star Gleams: A Collection of Songs, Odes, and Ceremonials

The Story of the City Companies

       The Story of Garfield: Farm-Boy, Soldier, and President

       Story of the Huguenots: A Sixteenth Century Narrative Wherein the French, Spaniards and                   Indians Were the Actors

       The Story of Secret Service

Stories from the Diary of a Doctor: Snippets of Early Medicine and Life in England

Stories for the American Freemason’s Fireside

Strategies for Online Education: New Paradigms

       A Strategy for Implementing the Reconciliation Process Between Israel and the Palestinians

A Study in Forgery

Sturdy and Strong: or How George Andrews Made His Way

Sturmey’s Indispensable Handbook to the Safety Bicycle

Surviving Education’s Internet Revolution

The Sweden File: Memoir of an American Expatriate

       Swiss Freemasonry: A Historical Sketch with Organization, Principles and Constitution

The Symbolic Tradition of Freemasonry

Syria the Land of Lebanon


Tales of Old Japan

Thames-Side in the Past: Sketches of its Literature & Society

       The 33 Principles Every Mason Should Live By: The True Meaning of Being a Mason

The Thomas Starr King Dispute: Acceptance and Unveiling of the Statues of Junipero Serra and Thomas Starr King

The Torch of Liberty

Through the Heart of Africa: Being an Account of a Journey on Bicycles and on Foot from Northern Rhodesia, past the Great Lakes, to Egypt, Undertaken While on Leave in 1910

Toward the Abyss: Israel and the Palestinians

Trademark Power: An Expedition into an Unprobed and Invited Wilderness

Trail of the Lonesome Pine

Treasures of London: P.H. Ditchfield’s London Survivals

A Trip to Palestine and Syria

Triple Threat Power Grid Exercise: High Impact Threats Workshop and Tabletop Exercises Examining Extreme Space Weather, EMP and Cyber Attacks

Two Years in Kurdistan: Experiences of a Political Officer, 1918-1920


Ukraine vs. Russia: Revolution, Democracy and War: Selected Articles and Blogs, 2010-2016

Understanding Art: Hendrik Willem Van Loon’s How to Look at Pictures

Understanding Internet Policies and Complexities

Unitarian Bibliography: H. McLachlan’s The Unitarian College Library

The Unparalleled Sufferings of John Coustos: The Cruel Tortures to Extract the Secrets of Freemasonry

        Unworkable Conservatism: Small Government, Freemarkets, and Impracticality


       Vampires and Vampirism: Collected Stories from Around the World

       The Victor Book of the Opera

       The Violin and Old Violin Makers: A Historical & Biographical Account of the Violin

Vigilante Days and Ways: The Pioneers of the Rockies


The War in the Cradle of the World

War in Syria: R. M.P. Preston’s The Desert Mounted Corps

       Washington Bookplates: Six Articles Reprinted from The Town Crier, 1925-1926

Who is the Enemy?: The Revolution in Terrorism Affairs and the Ways to Understand It

The Wisdom of Thomas Starr King: Thomas Starr King’s Substance and Show

The Wizard

A Woman Tenderfoot in Egypt: 1920s Travel Recollections

The Women of the French Salons

World Food Policy

A World of Old and New Water Issues

Why Kindergarten Matters: Elizabeth Harrison’s A Study of Child Nature


Young Freemasons?: Frank S. Land’s Order of DeMolay

The Young Vigilantes: A Story of California Life in the 1850s

A Young Volunteer in Cuba: Or, Fighting for the Single Star


       Zigzagging: An American Female Nurse’s Experiences During WWII