War Between Japan and Russia: With Historical and Descriptive Sketches of Russia, Siberia, Japan, Korea and Manchuria

by W. Fletcher Johnson


War Between Japan and Russia focuses on the Russo-Japanese War fought between 1904–05, and gives additional insight onto the region with numerous photographs. The war began after Russia initiated a campaign of expansionist policy into East Asia. Japan launched an offensive, successful military campaign, which led Russia to abandon its efforts in the region.

Richard Linthicum (1859–1934) penned several other works, such as A Book of Rocky Mountain Tales (1892), Complete Story of the San Francisco Horror (1906), and Wit and Wisdom of Woodrow Wilson(1916). Trumbull White (1868–1941) was also a writer, typically serving as a foreign news correspondent for Chicago area newspapers, such as the Chicago Times and Chicago Morning News.

This edition is dedicated to Francisco Alacantra, skilled in many things, interpreter of several cultures, traveler with purpose.