Library of Environmental Studies

To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.
— Victor Hugo

Although of course all PSO journals will from time to time touch on environmental challenges, two of them have special charge to confront the issues — the World Food Policy journal and the World Water Policy journal. So does the annual Dupont Summit in Washington, which has often presented panels and papers on environmental issues. The PSO books on the environment take a broad ecumenical view of the subject and lend themselves to use in the classroom and in discussion groups, as well as information backstops for service club projects. Another Westphalia Press library that often deals with this important subject is World Affairs.



The Life of the Bee

by Maurice Maeterlinck Purchase Maurice Maeterlinck was born in August 1862 in Belgium to a wealthy family. Thanks to their abundance, Maeterlinck was able…

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John Rowe

by John C. Phillips with a new preface by Robert E, Rich Jr. John Rowe’s observations on fishing near Boston in the eighteenth century appeared…

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