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Iran: Who Is Really In Charge?

by Camille Verleuw, Introduction by Alain Bauer Purchase through Amazon  Born in a country with three official languages, and an acquaintance with Latin during high school, it was no surprise that author Camille Verleuw became interested in Indo-European linguistics, discovering the Persian language…Read more Iran: Who Is Really In Charge?

The Arab of Mesopotamia

by Gertrude Bell, Introduction by Paul Rich Purchase through Amazon  One very determined woman incontestably held her own and more with the great figures of the Middle East in the early twentieth century. That was Gertrude Bell. Highly strung, petulant, aggressive, and gossipy,…Read more The Arab of Mesopotamia

The Land of the Date

by C. M. Cursetjee Purchase through Amazon  In December 1916 the SS Zaiyanni left Bombay bound for the port of Basra, at the head of the Persian Gulf. On board was C. M. Cursetjee, a 69-year-old Oxford-educated Indian Parsee, on his way to…Read more The Land of the Date

Egypt: The Death of Philae

Egypt: The Death of Philae by Pierre Loti, Translated by W. P. Baines Purchase through Amazon Louis Marie-Julien Viaud (1850-1923) adopted the pseudonym, Pierre Loti, while in Tahiti. He served in the French military, ultimately becoming a naval officer. His service led him to…Read more Egypt: The Death of Philae

Syria the Land of Lebanon

by Lewis Gaston Leary, Preface by Paul Rich Purchase through Amazon  |  Purchase on CreateSpace This emphatically is not a book about the territory now constituting Syria but about an era when the terms Lebanon and Syria were used in a politically incorrect…Read more Syria the Land of Lebanon

Baghdad and Points East

by Robert J. Casey Purchase on Amazon  |  Purchase on CreateSpace Robert Casey belonged to the generation of foreign correspondents who outdid Hollywood in their adventures. Cited for bravery in World War I, he then spent twenty-seven years as a columnist for the Chicago…Read more Baghdad and Points East

Eight Decades in Syria

Purchase through Amazon  |  Purchase through CreateSpace by A.J. McFarland The Reformed Presbyterian Church is a very small denomination of about six thousand members that at one time had a presence in the Middle East. This scarce record of its activities amongst the…Read more Eight Decades in Syria

Gunboat and Gun-runner

Purchase through Amazon  |  Purchase through CreateSpace by T.T. Jeans Admiral T.T. Jeans was a decorated British Naval officer with considerable experience in the Middle East.  He wrote this fast-moving novel based on his experiences and those of his compatriots.  The plot turns…Read more Gunboat and Gun-runner