Library of Middle East Studies

Read, read, read. Read everything — trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You’ll absorb it. Then write.
— William Faulkner


The Policy Studies Organization vigorously supports Middle East research and teaching by a growing library of books from its Westphalia Press, by its well known journal, Digest of Middle East Studies, and by an annual conference in Washington which has produced an extensive collection of videos from past conferences.  
As for what is covered, our view is that the terms Near East, Arab world, Muslim and Islamic topics, and Middle East often cover similar topics. Both the Executive Director and President of PSO have visited the region. The president, Dr. Rich, was involved in the development of universities in Saudi Arabia and head of supervisory affairs in the Ministry of Education and Culture in Qatar — and has written or edited a number of books on the area. Some of these have been published or republished by Westphalia Press. 
The PSO has been very fortunate in cooperating with the Next Century Foundation, a British-based think tank, and counting among among its many activities the generation of reports on developments in the Middle East. They have contributed outstanding speakers for the annual conference. 
Our journal greatly prospered and benefited in its coverage through many years from the editorship of Dr. Mohammed Aman, Dean of the library school of the University of Wisconsin, Egyptian by birth and mentor to generations of Muslim students coming to America. Several of his books are published by Westphalia Press. 
We currently partner in the journal and other ways with Dr. Catherine Warrick at Villanova University, where Professor Warrick is Director of the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies. She welcomes manuscripts on a wide variety of subjects.
The PSO is always interested in projects, including publishing and proposals which are media oriented, but is open to any ideas that stretch the boundaries of Middle East scholarship. Those needing information and those with interesting suggestions are encouraged to contact the Executive Director, Daniel Gutierrez, at any time. Presentations at the future annual conferences can take advantage of its hybrid nature, meeting in Washington every year in March and online. 


The Middle East Dialogue (Washington DC)



政策研究组织通过一些方式大力支持中东研究和教学,包括其威斯特伐利亚出版社(Westphalia Press)中东研究图书馆不断增加的馆藏数量、PSO著名杂志《中东研究文摘》、以及在华盛顿举行的年度会议(历届会议已推出大量会议视频集)。

至于涵盖的内容,我们的观点认为,近东、阿拉伯世界、穆斯林和伊斯兰主题、以及中东等术语通常涵盖类似的主题。PSO的执行董事和董事长都访问过该地区。董事长 Rich博士参与了沙特阿拉伯不同大学的发展,在卡塔尔教育与文化部担任过监督事务负责人——并撰写或编辑了许多有关该领域的书籍。其中一些已由威斯特伐利亚出版社出版或再版。

PSO 非常幸运地与总部位于英国的智囊团Next Century Foundation合作,后者的众多活动中包括了中东发展报告的撰写。其为年会贡献了杰出的演讲者。

多年来,我们的杂志在威斯康星大学图书馆系主任Mohammed Aman博士的编辑下得以成功发展并且研究范围具有优势。Aman博士出生于埃及,并且是一代又一代来到美国求学的穆斯林学生的导师。他的部分著作由威斯特伐利亚出版社出版。

我们目前与维拉诺瓦大学的Catherine Warrick博士在该杂志以及其他方面合作,Warrick教授是维拉诺瓦大学阿拉伯与伊斯兰研究中心的主任。她期待收到一系列不同主题的稿件。

PSO 始终对不同项目感兴趣,包括出版和以媒体为导向的提议,但对任何扩展中东学术边界的想法持开放态度。我们鼓励那些需要信息和提出有趣建议的人随时与执行董事Daniel Gutierrez联系。未来年度会议上的学术报告能利用线下和线上会议形式——每年3月在华盛顿举行线下会议和在线会议。


The Middle East Dialogue (Washington DC)