A Woman Tenderfoot in Egypt: 1920s Travel Recollections

by Grace Thompson Seton

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The author, Grace Gallatin Seton Thompson (1872-1959) was a remarkable voyager to distant places. Her first work, A Woman Tenderfoot (1900), offered a detailed, illustrated guide for women to traverse, hunt and explore the Rocky Mountain area. She was an outspoken leader in the women’s suffrage movement and other causes advancing women’s rights both in the United States and around the world. She played a major part in directing aid to France during World War I, began the Biblioteca Femina, served as president of the Connecticut Women Suffrage Association and Pen and Brush, among numerous other activities.

This work, A Woman Tenderfoot in Egypt, details her experiences in Egypt. She also explored China, India, Japan, parts of South America and numerous other places throughout her life, but particularly during the 1920s-30s. She wrote accounts of some her travels in works like Chinese Lanterns (1924) and Yes, Lady Saheb (1925).

This new edition is dedicated to Professor Marianne Marchand of the Universidad de las Américas Puebla, another traveler of note and a teacher of distinction.