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Westphalia Press publishes original and classic reprints of scholarly and antiquarian books in a wide range of subjects, including history, health, art, literature, politics, science and government. Our publications have been the subject of articles in the New York Times, Washington Post, and numerous other outlets. Westphalia Press has published over 1,500 titles, and in addition, the Policy Studies Organization has created more than 300 books in partnership with a number of leading companies, including Macmillan, Lexington, and Gale. Westphalia Press is the imprint and book-publishing division of the Policy Studies Organization.

Westphalia Press is part of the Policy Studies Organization’s longtime mission to disseminate scholarship internationally, widely and cost effectively. We work with a variety of organizations to build interdisciplinary learning that bridges the private, governmental, academic and public realms. No language is foreign to us. 


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