Library of Royalty and Nobility

Reading makes immigrants of us all. It takes us away from home, but more important, it finds homes for us everywhere.
— Hazel Rochman

One significant area that gets PSO attention is political legitimacy, and it has indeed been a focus through the years, aspects of which play a strong part in nationalism, patriotism, and like subjects. Perhaps the fact that robust democracies like the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom are monarchies gives some pause in dismissing kings and queens as irrelevant to his discussion.

The subject has far ranging aspects, including the orders and decorations that are inevitably bestowed by the sovereign, the spectacular events like coronation and weddings, the endless gossip about pitfalls and intrigues. Much of what discussion there is goes on not in political science but in anthropology, but  wherever it has an academic home it remains somewhat neglected.

In the Westphalia Press collections, this library of royalty as a resource is reinforced  by the Library of Freemasonry and Ritualism. As with all the Westphalia collections, advice has been sought as to what titles might lend themselves to the development of curriculum and to the possible reading lists for those seeking to broaden their policy insights. Examples of relevance would be considerations of the current evolution going on with Middle East monarchies or the behind the scenes part being played by monarchs in Malaysia.



在威斯特伐利亚出版社(Westphalia Press)馆藏中,该皇室图书馆(library of royalty)的资源受到“共济会与仪式主义图书馆”的支持。与威斯特伐利亚出版社的所有馆藏一样,我们希望了解哪些图书可能有助于课程发展并为那些寻求扩大政策见解的人提供可能的阅读清单,对此我们欢迎相关建议。相关的例子包括考量当前中东君主国的演变或马来西亚君主在幕后扮演的角色。

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