Annals of the Royal Society Club: The Record of a London Dining-Club in the Eighteenth & Nineteenth Centuries

by Sir Archibald Geikie

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Sir Archibald Geikie was born into a life of privilege on December 28, 1835. He attended Edinburgh High School, and then went on to attend the University of Edinburgh. Geikie’s focus was on geology, and he became an assistant with the British Geological Survey, where, among other things, he undertook documenting the Scottish Highlands. He wrote a great deal on the topic, including Scenery of Scotland (1865).

Geikie was very involved in the field: he was appointed the director of the Geological Survey in Scotland, and served as a professor at the University of Edinburgh. In 1881, he became the Director of the Museum of Practical Geology, along with the Director-General of the Geological Survey of the United Kingdom.

In addition to surveying and research, Geikie wrote profusely, including numerous biographies, writings on geology, and even Birds of Shakespeare (1916). He enjoyed his clubs, as many Victorian gentlemen did, and as this work makes clear.

This edition is dedicated to the members of DACOR, the celebrated club for diplomats and internationalists in Washington, who carry on many of the traditions in a way that would please Sir Archibald.