Library of European Policy and History

The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest men of past centuries.
— René Descartes

European Policy Analysis, a PSO journal, began with some scholars with associations with the European Community and has become a worldwide resource as a new Europe becomes more and more significant in global affairs. It is part of the PSO international curriculum, which also includes the World Affairs Journal which dates from 1837. Of course Europe has such a profound and complex history that its study absolutely must include books from different eras, which this special collection provides. The European past is indisputably part of the European present and future.



The Zelensky Method

The end of Vladimir Putin’s reign can be dated with precision. When Putin declared war on Ukraine with his February 24th, 2022, invasion, he…

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The Labour Movement

by Leonard Trelawny Hobhouse Purchase Leonard Trelawny Hobhouse (September 8, 1864 – June 21, 1929) was a sociologist and political scientist, known as an…

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Russia: A Study

by A. N. Drew Purchase A. N. Drew spent over twenty-five years doing business in Russia, and picked up the language over time. This…

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A Study in Forgery

by Scaevola with a new introduction by Katherine Mead-Brewer A Study in Forgery is a truly unique read centered on Polish and Soviet Russian relations…

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Gunboat and Gun-runner

Purchase through Amazon  |  Purchase through CreateSpace by T.T. Jeans Admiral T.T. Jeans was a decorated British Naval officer with considerable experience in the…

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