Europe’s Welfare Policies: The Frayed Safety Net

European Policy Analysis, Vo. 1, No. 1: Europe’s Welfare Policies: The Frayed Safety Net

Edited by Klaus Schubert, Nils Bandelow, Peter Biegelbauer, and Fritz Sager

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Editorial Introduction to the First Issue of European Policy Analysis
Enhancing gender equity through evidence-based policymaking? Theorizing and tracing the use of systematic knowledge in family and tax policy reforms by Joachim Blatter, Clara Bombach, Roman Wiprächtiger

Special Issue on “The governance of welfare markets” Introduction to the special issue: The governance of welfare markets – trends and challenges by Tanja Klenk

Restructuring the Mixed Economy of Welfare: Three Modes of Privatization by Neil Gilbert BookCoverImage-3

The Privatization and Marketization of Pensions in Europe: A Double Transformation Facing the Crisis by Bernhard Ebbinghaus

Portability of Supplementary Pension Rights in Europe: A Lowest Common Denominator Solution by Igor Guardiancich

The Developing Trajectory of the Marketization of Public Employment Services in Denmark – A New Way Forward or the End of Marketization? by Karen N. Breidahl, Flemming Larsen

The governance of hospital markets – Comparing two Bismarckian countries by Tanja Klenk, Renate Reiter

Bending the Rules to Play the Game: Accountability, DRG and Waiting List Scandals in Norway and Germany by Simon Neby, Per Lægreid, Paola Mattei, Therese Feiler

Change agents and service providers? User organizations in the German healthcare system by Benjamin Ewert