Baronial Bedrooms

Baronial Bedrooms Cover FRONT copyBy Barbara Billauer Bailey

A grand tour of 700 years of palatial bedrooms spanning four continents and ten countries, Baronial Bedrooms: The Kama Sutra of Grand Design, presents a historiography of design, architecture, history and bedroom-intrigue through the ages. Beginning at a time when the bedroom supplanted the salon or parlor as audience-chamber and meeting-room of the imperial class, this book distills the essence of decorative features common across nations, continents, cultures and time, and presents timeless axioms of decoration in a fashion that is accessible, relevant and modern. Showcased in hundreds of pictures, analytical commentary and pithy captions, “Baronial Bedrooms” is a feast for the eyes, and inspiration for the mind, and a source of endless delight to the reader, whether professional decorator, historian, or a baronial wanna-be. Suggestions for incorporation of the principles distilled from an analysis and study of these rooms, yet easily adaptable for today’s ‘Barons-on-a-Budget,’ are presented in modern examples.

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