Hadji in Syria, or, Three Years in Jerusalem

by Sarah Barclay Johnson

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Sarah Barclay Johnson (1837-1885) traveled throughout the Middle East as a missionary in the hadjiCampbellite church. Her father, James Turner Barclay, was a minister in the same church and wrote narratives about his missionary attempts in the region. Further solidifying her links to the area, Johnson married the US consul to Syria, Augustus Johnson.

Johnson’s work, Hadji in Syria, is different from her father’s writings because she focuses on the present day issues and her differing viewpoints from other travelers, notably J. Ross Browne. Still, the focus is largely Christianity in the area, as she examines the Church of the Holy Sepulcher controversies and battles ideas of Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox religious traditions. She also critiques the precarious role of women in the region from an American perspective.

This new edition is dedicated to Cheryl Walker, with hopes she travels far with distinction.