Catholic Problems in Western Canada

by George Thomas Daly, Preface by Most Reverend O. E. Mathieu

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George Thomas Daly was a Catholic leader who worked in Eastern Canada, but was asked to relocate to Western Canada to spread the religion. In this work, he discusses the desire to spread Catholicism westward across the country, and the complexities of Canada, the changing politics and dynamics of the world, advancing modernity, and what Canadian identity means. Among other things, Daly was very concerned about the spread of Bolshevism.

Daly focuses on the The Catholic Church Extension Society and its attempts to spread Catholicism, particularly in isolated areas. This work discusses Canadianization and how to intertwine a Catholic identity. Daly claims that people can unite regardless of their race or ethnicity, but does not acknowledge the harmful practices that missionizing has on erasing identity and culture. The work is significant in understanding Catholicism in Canada, and the development of the country.

This edition is dedicated to Judy Rich Lauder.