The Lost Dryad

by Frank R. Stockton


A dryad is a being in Greek mythology that is a nature spirit that often takes on a younger, feminine appearance. This story, The Lost Dryad, by Frank R. Stockton, tells the story of a dryad that has lost her way due to a serious storm.

Frank R. Stockton (1834-1902) was primarily known as a writer of juvenile fiction. Although he always was drawn to writing, his father, a Methodist minister, discouraged Stockton. He worked as a wood engraver, but after his father’s passing he more strongly focused on his writing. Instead of focusing on moralistic stories, Stockton used humor to point out injustices and general failures of society. Some of Stockton’s writings include The Lady or the Tiger? and Other Stories (1884), The Great War Syndicate (1889), and The Captain’s Toll-Gate (1903).

This edition is dedicated to Ginger Clarkson, gifted teacher and sometimes sage, tactful dispenser of ancient wisdom.