Practical Carving

by Thomas J. Murrey


Practical Carving gives information on how to carve, prepare and dress up a wide variety of meats, like lamb, beef, veal and game. Thomas J. Murrey was an expert chef and offers his skilled advice for old and new cooks.

Thomas Jefferson Murrey was born in Worchester, Massachusetts as Thomas Murray, but after a publishing error of his books changed his name to ‘Murrey’ he adopted to the new spelling. During his lifetime, he was considered a master of fancy foods, working at high quality hotels in New York City, and later the manager of the restaurant in the House of Representatives. His hobbies of botany and fishing complimented his talent in cooking. He also was a reporter for the New York Sun, and Hotel and Restaurant. Sadly, he took his life in 1900 while at his home in New York City.