The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions and Answers

by Max Heindel


Rosicrucianism emerged in Europe possibly as early as the 1500s. It had numerous influences. As Michael Maier, a Rosicrucian described it, “Our origins are Egyptian, Brahminic, derived from the mysteries of Eleusis and Samothrace, the Magi of Persia, the Pythagoreans, and the Arabs.” During the 1600s, interest in it throughout Europe spread with the publication of numerous manifestos. Today, there are many groups of Rosicrucians including Masonic Rosicrucian organizations and Esoteric Christian Rosicrucians.

Max Heindel was born in 1865 as Carl Louis von Grassoff in Denmark, and immigrated to the United States. In Los Angeles he joined the Theosophical Society. He toured America lecturing, and in 1908, he began publishing Rosicrucian teachings and working with the Brothers of the Rose Cross. He published a great deal, including Astro-Diagnosis: A Guide to Healing, The Mystical Interpretation of Christmas, and The Rosicrucian Mysteries. He passed away in 1919 in Oceanside, California.

This new edition is dedicated to Professor Louise Greathouse Amadour, knowledgeable in many things, gifted teacher, and thoughtful observer of Mexico.