The Appreciation of Art

by Eugen Neuhaus


Eugen Neuhaus was born on August 18, 1879 in Germany, later graduating from the Royal Art School in 1899 followed by the Royal Institute for Applied Arts in 1903. A year following his graduation he emigrated to the United States. He accepted an appointment with the University of California in 1907 as the Assistant Professor of Decorative Design.

This was the start of many positions Neuhaus held throughout his life, as he later taught drawing, art appreciation, and art history. He retired in 1949 at the age of 70 from the University of California. In addition to teaching, Neuhaus also was a painter, and art historian, writing several books.

Neuhaus wrote of this book, “Primarily this book aims to be of service to students who feel the need for a reasoned presentation of the fundamental principles that underlie the theory and the practice of all the arts.”

This new edition is dedicated to Wesley Wofford, gifted artist and seasoned critic.