Easy Lessons in the Art of Practical Wood Carving: Suited to the Wants Of Carpenters, Joiners, Amateurs and Professional Wood Carvers

by Frederick Thomas Hodgson


Frederick Thomas Hodgson (1836-1919) was a gifted builder, and wrote numerous books offering insight on home building, carpentry, stonemasonry, and architectural drawing. Hodgson aimed his books to be affordable and accessible to all levels of readers and carpenters, including aspiring ones. Many of his books were aimed at Americans across the country building their own home and looking for everything from guides on proper estimation to the Hodgson’s other two volume work, Practical Uses of the Steel Square.

This work offers information on various tools and techniques used by carpenters, types of wood to use and avoid, stunning design patterns, and some historical information on past types of carving techniques, such as those used in medieval times.

This new edition is dedicated to the artist members of the National Sculpture Society, givers of beauty and creators of truth.