Lyrical Forms in English

by Norman Hepple


Norman Hepple compiled this work as a means for readers to appreciate the lyrical form of poetry in English, and includes authors from Ireland, Scotland, the United States and other English speaking regions. The selections Hepple chose are divided into five categories, Song-Lyric, Sonnet, Ode, Idyll, and Elegy. Within each section, Hepple offers a historical overview, and each highlighted work is arranged in chronological order.

Of this work, Hepple said, “[T]he message of poetry and its aesthetic appeal must always be first; but the study of form as an adjunct of literary art is, in his opinion, undoubtedly as valuable an aid to the appreciation of what is best in literature as a knowledge of a technique is to the fullest enjoyment of a great painting or of a symphonic composition.”

This edition is dedicated to Gwen Pier, a lifetime supporter of the arts, mentor always helpful, and enthusiast for things of beauty.