Handbook of Furniture Styles

by Walter Alden Dyer


Walter Alden Dyer (1878-1943) was born in Boston, and he went on to become an author who specialized in dog stories. In 1901, Dyer was on the staff of the Springfield Union, and after five years he went on to become the managing editor of Country life in America.

In addition to writing journal and magazine articles, he wrote numerous books on a variety of subjects, including The Lure of the Antique (1910), Gulliver the Great (1916), Many Dogs There Be (1924) and The Breakwater (1927).

This particular work, Handbook of Furniture Styles, focuses on the history of European and American furniture styles, offering a broad view of furniture from the Italian Renaissance, Louis XV, Jacobean, Georgian and American styles for example.

This new edition is dedicated to Judy Rich Lauder, keen observer of styles and trends.