Diary of Anna Green Winslow: A Boston School Girl

Anna Green Winslow


In this collection of letters to her mother from 1771-3, Anna Green Winslow sheds light on daily life of the wealthy in the Boston area during the beginnings of the American Revolution. The collection was edited by Alice Morse Earle for this publication.

Anna Green Winslow was born on 1759 into wealth in Nova Scotia. Her parents sent her to Boston to work on ‘finishing’ skills such as reading, sewing, penmanship and lace making. While in Boston, she enjoyed life among the social elite. This work shares details on culture at the time, including fashion, moral sensibility, religion and political splits between the family, as her father was a strong Loyalist, but Anna and some other family members were leaning more towards the Patriot cause. Sadly, Anna died only a few years after the focus of this collection in 1780, likely due to tuberculosis.

This new edition is dedicated to Katherine Weaver, with the hope that she will fund its stories both instructive and entertaining.