Greek Sculpture: A Collection of Sixteen Pictures of Greek Marbles 

by Estelle May Hurll


Estelle May Hurll (1863–1924) had a short but interesting career of writing about art. Her background was in ethics and philosophy, with an emphasis on aesthetics. She attended and later taught at Wellesley College after earning her Master’s, with her thesis entitled, “The Fundamental Reality of the Aesthetic.” Some of her publications include: Child-life in Art(1895), The Madonna in Art(1897) and The Bible Beautiful: A History of Biblical Art(1905).

For this work, Hurrl selected 16 Greek marbles including: The Faun of Praxiteles, Sophocles, Ares, Olympian Hermes, The Discobolus, Zeus Otricoli, Athena Giustiniana, Horsemen from the Parthenon Frieze, Bust of Hera, The Apoxyomenos, Apollo Belvedere, Nike, Pericles, Demeter (Ceres), The Venus of Milo, Orpheus and Eurydice.

This new edition is dedicated to Michael Langlais, longtime friend of the arts.