A Manual Of Harmony

by Salomon Jadassohn


Salomon Jadassohn was born in 1831 to a Jewish family living in Prussia. He went on to study at the Leipzig Conservatory, as well as continuing to study with esteemed musicians privately. After he graduated, he worked in a synagogue and then privately taught until he was able to teach piano and composition at the Leipzig Conservatory. Jadassohn was not only a gifted and sought out professor, he was also a composer of over 140 works.

Of this work, A Manual of Harmony, Jadassohn suggested, “A thorough and complete knowledge of the chords and their inter-combination, such as the artist needs not only for original free composition, but also for preluding and modulating, and for a correct and intelligent rendition of mater-works, can be attained solely by means of earnest, diligent, and preserving work.”

This edition is dedicated to Katherine Katz, who has spent so much time to help blend the various aspects of education into a harmonious whole.