Female Emancipation and Masonic Membership: An Essential Collection

Editor: Guillermo De Los Reyes Heredia


Female Emancipation and Masonic Membership: An Essential Combination is a collection of essays on Freemasonry and gender that promotes a transatlantic discussion of the study of the history of women and Freemasonry and their contribution in different countries such as Cuba, Chile, France, Mexico, Spain, and the United States. Furthermore, this volume aims to pose some questions on the current state of gender and Freemasonry in the Americas and Europe. This much needed discussion sheds light on this neglected topic and contribute to the growing and much needed discussion on the topic.
Female Emancipation and Masonic Membership: An Essential Combination presents five chapters written by scholars of Freemasonry from different corners of the world, written in four languages—French, Italian, Spanish and English—approaching the topic with an interdisciplinary perspective permeated by the lens of gender, history, sociology, cultural studies, and women’s studies. This book highlights the importance and need to study the place of women in Freemasonry in different parts of the world and during different periods.

Guillermo De Los Reyes Heredia is an Associate Professor of Latin American Cultural Studies and Chair of the Department of Hispanic Studies at the University of Houston. Prof. De Los Reyes is the author of Herencias Secretas: Masonería, política y sociedad en México (Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla 2009). He has edited several edited collections such as: “Latin American Freemasonry: An Historiographical Perspective,” Ritual, Secrecy, and Civil Society Journal, Fall 2017; Getting the Third Degree: Fraternalism, Freemasonry and History, Westphalia Press, 2016 (co-editor with Paul Rich); President John Quincy Adams’ Quarrel with the Freemasons. President John Quincy Adams’ Letters and Opinions of the Freemasons, Introduction and Edition, Westphalia Press, 2013; Anti-Masonry and the Murder of Morgan: Lee S. Tillotson’s Ancient Craft Masonry in Vermont, Westphalia Press, 2013; and L’Enfant and the Freemasons: H. Paul Caemmerer’s The Life of Pierre Charles L’Enfant, Introduction and Edition, Westphalia Press, 2013.

Table of Contents
Introduction: Towards and Understanding of Gender in Masonic Studies
Guillermo De Los Reyes Heredia

Chapter 1: La Candeur
Yves Hivert-Messeca

Chapter 2: Belén de Sárraga in Cuba and Chile: A Case Study in Masonic Networking
Sylvia Hottinger-Craig

Chapter 3: Donne e appartenenza massonica in Spagna
Emanuela Locci

Chapter 4: Esbozo histórico de la masonería femenina en México
Marco Antonio García Robles

Chapter 5: La fraternidad sin sororidad: Las masonerías femeninas y las logiasde Prince Hall en los Estados Unidos
Guillermo de los Reyes Heredia and Paul Rich