School History of Florida

by Edwin L. Green


Author Edwin L. Green was asked by William N. Sheats, the Superintendent of Public Instruction of Florida, to write a history of the state to be used in public schools. Green began his work with Juan Ponce de Leon’s voyages and his happening upon what is now known as Florida. Other key moments he discusses include French, Spanish and other influences throughout the region, indigenous history and religion, the founding of St. Augustine and Spanish missions, Florida becoming a territory and then a state, the Seminole War, the Civil War and its aftermath up to 1898 when this work was published.

Green’s work offers an interesting look at not only Florida’s history, but its vantage point from a historian writing over a hundred years ago. This adds a look at social conventions and practices at the time. Green also wrote several other history books, such as Diodorus and the Peloponnesian War (1899), A History of the University of South Carolina (1916), and The Indians of South Carolina (1920).

This edition is in memory of Willard Rich, pioneer in Florida’s development and great believer in its future.