250 Meatless Menus and Recipes: To Meet the Requirements of People Under the Varying Conditions of Age, Climate and Work

by Eugene Christian


When this book was originally published in 1910, there was not a great deal of writing about vegetarian diets. The Christians considered themselves dietary, and life experts, and wrote this book which details not only recipes, but also thoughts on the morality of smoking, excess eating, drinking and childrearing. Their form of vegetarian cooking focuses on uncooked food preparation.

In addition to selling books such as 250 Meatless Menus and Recipes and Uncooked Foods And How To Use Them: A Treatise On How To Get The Highest Form Of Animal Energy From Food (1904), Eugene Christian began offering degrees in food science at his School of Applied Food Chemistry in New York City. Mollie Christian focused on selling consumer food products like baby food and bran. During a time when many processed foods were mislabeled, tampered with, or downright rotten, prior to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, there was a great appeal of making meals using only raw, original ingredients.