Familiar Letters of John Adams and His Wife Abigail Adams During the Revolution with a Memoir of Mrs. Adams

by Charles Francis Adams, John Adams, and Abigail Adams


Abigail Adams (1744-1818) was a founder of the United States. Despite much of the gendered politics that pushed women away from politics, Abigail and her husband, John Adams, corresponded frequently about politics and the new government formation. John Adams served as the second president of the United States, from 1797 to 1801.

Although she was considered an intellectual, Abigail did not grow up with any formal education. Her mother taught her and her siblings how to reach and write, and they used their family’s personal libraries to educate themselves. Formal schooling was rarely extended towards women during this time. Abigail and John married in 1764 when John was a lawyer and moved to Braintree, MA, but later moved to Boston. Abigail had six children, while John’s law practice grew over time.

This collection of letters and biography of Abigail Adams offers insight on the experiences and variety of people involved with the early development of the United States. It offers a unique perspective of blending personal family concerns against thoughts for shaping US government, diplomatic relationships and gender issues.

This new edition is dedicated to Abigail Weaver, another Abigail, with keen hopes for her future.