Successful Patents: A Conservative, Reliable and Complete Treatise on the Protection of Ideas by Patents, Trade-Marks, Designs and Copyrights

by Richard B. Owen


This was volume was originally published in 1912. Richard B. Owen had offices in Washington DC and advertised in various magazines, such as Popular Mechanics, in order to gain interest in his patent law enthusiasms.

As Owen wrote in one notice,
“The demand for good, patentable ideas is greater than ever before. Am constantly in receipt of letters from parties desiring to buy patents procured through me. Electrical devices, tools of all kins, advertising novelties, agents’ supplies, mail order articles, and many other inventions are sought after. Protect your idea!”

While the advice is not the most up to date, this work still offers interesting inspiration for possible business ideas. As Owen wrote, ‘Capitalize your brains.’

This new edition is dedicated to Larry Millstein, inventive attorney, civil leader, and distinguished president of the Philosophical Society of Washington.