Chips from the White House: Or, Selections from the Speeches, Conversations, Diaries, Letters, and Other Writings, of all the Presidents of the United States

by Jeremiah Chaplin


Jeremiah Chaplin (1776 – 1841) was a theologian, educator and an author. He was born in 1776 in Massachusetts, later attending Brown University. After he graduated, he remained studying theology while tutoring students at Brown. In 1802, he moved to Danvers, Massachusetts in order to minister a Baptist church there. He remained there until 1817, when an opportunity to become president of Waterville College became available to Chaplin. He remained in that role until 1833. Afterwards he focused on preaching throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. Chaplin wrote books, but often not related to theology, including: The Life of Benjamin Franklin (1876) and Words of our Hero, Ulysses S. Grant (1886).

This new edition is dedicated to Peter Robinson, accomplished writer and commentator, longtime spirited Hoover Institution personality.