Occultists and Mystics of All Ages

by Ralph Shirley


Ralph Shirley was born on December 30, 1865 into the aristocracy. As a result, he enjoyed the trappings of wealth, and was educated at Oxford University. He went on to become the director of William Rider & Son, a publisher of books on what is today considered New Age topics: occultism, astrology and psychic research, among other topics. In addition, Shirley founded Occult Review in 1905, helped lead the International Institute for Psychic Investigation, and also served as editor and author of several books on related subjects, including out of body experiences and astrology. Arguably, his most popular book is The Mystery of the Human Double: The Case for Astral Projection, originally published in 1938, which was also his final book. Ralph passed away a few years after its publication on December 29, 1946.

This new edition is dedicated to Dr, Nancy Sundow, a leader in the bibliography of psychic studies.