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Mesmerism and Christian Science: A Short History of Mental Healing

by Frank Podmore


Frank Podmore was born on February 5, 1856 and died by drowning on August 14, 1910. During his life, he focused on two major projects. One was advancing socialism in Britain, and to support his belief in incremental changes to bring about socialism, rather than a revolution, he founded the Fabian Society in 1884. The other project Podmore was passionate about was the paranormal. He wrote a great deal to debunk or otherwise offer scientific explanations to paranormal activity. In this work, which was well received by the The British Journal of Psychiatry, then referred to as the Journal of Mental Science, Podmore investigates claims of mesmerism, and argues that it may have some impact on treating gout, among other things. Podmore also gives a bit of background on leading figures practicing other forms of faith healing, such as Kenelm Digby and Paracelsus.





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Hypnotism, and Magnetism, Mesmerism, Suggestive Therapeutics and Magnetic Healing

by L. W. de Laurence


Perhaps appropriately, L. W. de Laurence was born on Halloween in 1868 in Cleveland, Ohio. He went on to develop the major occult publishing firm, De Laurence, Scott & Co. operating out of Chicago. In addition to selling books related to occultism, they also sold related goods. The company had its largest number of consumers in the US South and Jamaica. In addition to being a purveyor of goods, de Laurence was also a writer. Unfortunately, he also was a plagiarist, lifting the work, Pictorial Key to the Tarot, written by Arthur Edward Waite, and claiming it as his own.In 1930, de Laurence was consecrated a bishop. This helped his ideas gain more traction and acceptance. In 1936 he passed away, although his company still operates, now as the de Laurence Company, out of Michigan City, Indiana. Ironically, they purport to have to fight off imposters of de Laurence products.Hypnotism, and Magnetism, Mesmerism, Suggestive Therapeutics and Magnetic Healing is a reprinted edition that has been manually cleaned of most blemishes.





Psychic Phenomena: A Brief Account of the Physical Manifestations Observed in Psychical Research

by Edward T. Bennett, Introduction by Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge

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Edward Trusted Bennett was born on July 1, 1831 in London. He was trained as a botanist, as was his younger brother, Alfred William Bennett. He was a Quaker, but after supporting the views of Charles Voysey, a priest in the Church of England who was condemned and then went on to found a theist church, Bennett he was disowned. In his later years, he became very active within the British National Association of Spiritualists and even became the first secretary of the Society for Psychical Research. He was considered to be a dedicated, hard-working and well-liked member. Even after his retirement in 1902, he continued to publish related works, such as On the Direct Phenomena of Spiritualism. Bennett was also deeply invested in his community and, among other things, helped to begin a Saturday night concert series in Richmond, Surrey, which was very well received and attended. He passed away in 1908.

Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge enjoyed a long life filled with many unique accomplishments. Born on June 12, 1851 he worked tirelessly until his passing on August 22, 1940. He is primarily known for his work as a renowned physicist, particularly for his work on electromagnetic radiation, radio and electricity. However, he was also deeply interested in spirituality and telepathy. Lodge over blended his two interests.Arguably, this was influenced by the death of his son, Raymond Lodge during World War I. He wrote a best selling book about his son’s death and his attempts to contact him in the afterlife, entitled Raymond or Life and Death. His belief in Spiritualism strongly influenced his research, causing some debate within academic communities over his scientific findings. Lodge wrote and researched so many subjects that his papers are scattered across numerous institutions. Those seeking further information on his psychical research can find his papers at The Society for Psychical Research in the United Kingdom.




From Incarnation to Re-Incarnation

by Richard Ingalese and Isabella Ingalese

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Richard and Isabella Ingalese were a husband and wife team deeply interested in all matters of what is often considered to be the occult. We know that the pair lived in New York City, where Isabella
practiced as apsychic and a healer, and Richard worked as a lawyer. Both were interested in what was considered “New Thought” at the time, and today perhaps considered New Age. They were especially interested in alchemy and after many years, and much expense, claimed to have developed The White Stone and the Red Stone of the Philosophers.

Richard was born as Richard Dean Arden Wade in Savannah, GA on April 15, 1863. Due to another practicing lawyer in the Chicago area of the same name, Richard changed his last name to Ingalese, and his wife, Mary Wade, chose to change her first and last name on February 21, 1898. In their later
years, especially after their mid-60s, they largely dropped out of the public spotlight. They toured the world, spending time in Italy, before returning to the United States. They both passed away in 1934 while living in Los Angeles.


The ABC of Palmistry: Character and Fortune Revealed

by Well Known Palmist

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Palmistry is the study of the palm in order to foretell the future, or sometimes to determine the character or history of a person. It is practiced around the world, with different approaches, and schools of thought. There have been many who have debunked and challenged the practice as well. It originated in India, and found its way to the royal courts of Europe. As it traveled, it picked up a good many changes along the way. For example, many of the hand mounds are named after Greek goddesses and gods. The ABC of Palmistry offers a trip in time in the history of hand reading. It offers readers information on how to palm read in the Western style.


The Story of Alchemy and the Beginnings of Chemistry

by M. M. Pattison Muir


Matthew Moncrieff Pattison Muir was born into a wealthy Scottish family on April 1, 1848 in Glasgow. He was encouraged through his upbringing in an interest in the natural sciences, and focused on chemistry. He did indeed become a chemistry professor at Gonville and Caius College in Cambridge. By 1881, he became a Fellow, and then the head of the Caius Laboratory. His own research was focused on bismuth compounds. His facility for writing was prized, and he became famous for his textbooks, especially Heroes of Science: Chemists (1883) and History of Chemical Theories and Laws (1907).

This is a reprint edition with minor text and illustration imperfections.


The Occult World: Teachings of Occult Philosophy

by A. P. Sinnett

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Alfred Percy Sinnett (1840-1921), a journalist and Theosophist, wrote frequently to members of the Brotherhood of Adepts, an occult organization. The famous Mahatmas Koot Hoomi and Morya corresponded via mail with Sinnett, and Sinnett used parts of this correspondence to compose The Occult World. Together, along with others, they were building The Theosophical Society. Sinnett was friends with many of the leading theosophists and spent a productive time in India. The organization’s avowed object was at first the scientific investigation of psychic or so-called “spiritualistic” phenomena, after which its three chief objects were declared, namely (1) Brotherhood of man, without distinction of race, colour, religion, or social position; (2) the serious study of the ancient world-religions for purposes of comparison and the selection therefrom of universal ethics; (3) the study and development of the latent divine powers in man. The society has persisted through the decades and has branches or lodges scattered all over the world, some of which are in India, where its chief headquarters are established.