From Incarnation to Re-Incarnation

by Richard Ingalese and Isabella Ingalese

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Richard and Isabella Ingalese were a husband and wife team deeply interested in all matters of what is often considered to be the occult. We know that the pair lived in New York City, where Isabella
practiced as apsychic and a healer, and Richard worked as a lawyer. Both were interested in what was considered “New Thought” at the time, and today perhaps considered New Age. They were especially interested in alchemy and after many years, and much expense, claimed to have developed The White Stone and the Red Stone of the Philosophers.

Richard was born as Richard Dean Arden Wade in Savannah, GA on April 15, 1863. Due to another practicing lawyer in the Chicago area of the same name, Richard changed his last name to Ingalese, and his wife, Mary Wade, chose to change her first and last name on February 21, 1898. In their later
years, especially after their mid-60s, they largely dropped out of the public spotlight. They toured the world, spending time in Italy, before returning to the United States. They both passed away in 1934 while living in Los Angeles.