Grandmother Brown’s One Hundred Years, 1827-1927: Settling the Midwest

by Harriet Connor Brown

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Harriet Connor Brown (1877-1859) was born in Burlington, Iowa, and attended Cornell University. She was the first female staff member of Cornell’s newspaper, Erg. After graduation, she worked for other newspapers, including the New York Journal, Buffalo Enquirer and the New York Tribune. She wrote on a wide variety of subjects—political conventions, press bulletins for the US Geological Survey, reports for the Bureau of Labor, and sometimes on federal government studies with her husband, Herbert D. Brown. She was awarded the outstanding biography prize of the Atlantic Monthly for Grandmother’s Brown’s Hundred Years, 1827-1927. Her papers, including the notes for this work, are held at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum in West Branch, Iowa.

This new edition is dedicated to Cecile Revauger, scholar, writer, and advocate of gender equality.