The Anti-Slavery Crusade: A Chronicle of the Gathering Storm

by Jesse Macy


Jesse Macy was born into a large Quaker family in Indiana on June 21, 1842. His family relocated to Lynnville, Iowa, in order to farm. Macy was educated, starting his college career at the age of 17 at nearby Iowa College (which would later become Grinnell College). When the Civil War broke out, he served in the Union Army. Afterwards, he returned to earn his degree in 1870. He enjoyed school and went on to pursue a PhD at Johns Hopkins University. After graduation, he returned to teach at Iowa College, where he remained for over forty years. His focus was political science, and he spent much of his time encouraging education, which was controversial since studying evolution was still considered a “dangerous doctrine.”

In addition to teaching and serving as a public intellectual, Macy wrote numerous books, typically relating to government, such as Our Government: How it Grew, What It Does, and How It Does It (1896), and Party Organization and Machinery (1904). His last published work was The Anti-Slavery Crusade (1919), published the same year he passed away.

This new edition is dedicated to the members of the Friends Meeting of Washington.