Money in Politics

by Jacob Kendrick Upton Sr.


Jacob Kendrick Upton Sr. was born in Wilmot, New Hampshire on October 9, 1837. His path to becoming a lawyer began by graduating from the Literary and Scientific Institution at New London, New Hampshire in 1860. Afterwards, he and his brother studied law in Manchester, New Hampshire. During this time, he also worked as a clerk in the Treasury Department. He continued to find success in the Treasury Department, and eventually worked his way through several promotions until becoming Chief Clerk in March 1877. He found a great deal of prominence in this position, and became Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in 1880. However, he resigned from the role after the inauguration of President Grover Cleveland. After then, he split his career interests between law, banking and writing. He wrote several articles and books on financial topics, but this work, Money in Politics, originally released in 1884, was his most well known.

This new edition is dedicated to Amy Novick, wise in law, careful in advice, and ever diligent counsel.