Whimsical Madam New Orleans: Short Stories from the Times-Picayune

 by Carmelite Janvier, Illustrated by Standish Buell

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Carmelite Janvier came from a wealthy family and enjoyed all its trappings, along with her siblings. Born to Charles Janvier and Josephine Celeste Bush, she enjoyed life as one of eight children. However, it was the opulence that came to hurt her. Specifically, when Janvier was nine and playing abroad her family’s yacht, she was injured by a small cannon which the family used to give greetings to other vessels. The accident was so serious that Janvier lost sight in one eye, and was left disfigured, but her family’s money helped ensure she was able to receive all the specialized care she needed to recuperate, and then to continue her education and live a long and enjoyable life in the upper echelons of society. These whimsical short stories illustrate the high life and low life and its undercurrents in New Orleans during the 1920s.