Strategies for Online Education: New Paradigms: Internet Learning Journal: Vol. 4, No. 1

by Melissa Layne

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Internet Learning Journal (ILJ) is a biannual, open-access, doubleblind peer-reviewed academic publication sponsored by The Policy Studies Organization (PSO) and American Public University System (APUS). The aim of Internet Learning Journal (ILJ) is to provide a venuBookCoverImage-3e for the publication of quality academic research with an emphasis on representing innovation in online teaching, learning and scholarship.

Our title shows our focus and our ambition. Our subject matter is the revolution that online learning has brought to the academy. Since the University of Bologna was founded in 1088, instruction was done face to face with the technologies of speaking and writing. The digital revolution has now offered an alternative to the physical classroom. For the first time, we can look at classroom data, patterns of interaction and patterns of learning fixed in data points. The digital revolution threatens to change how students learn, teachers teach and the education institutions manage data. We hope to become a forum for the larger issues of data collection, assessment and online learning. We look forward to keeping the great conversation alive.

Manuscripts and inquiries may be submitted to Dr. Melissa Layne, Editor-in-Chief of Internet Learning Journal,