An Astronomer’s Wife: The Biography Of Angeline Hall

by Angelo Hall


Chloe Angeline Stickney Hall (1830 – 1892) was a gifted mathematician and a pioneer for women’s rights. Born in 1830, she showed a great deal of promise. She went on to first attend Rodman Union Seminary, and then later New-York Central College (NYCC), graduating with its first class in 1855. There she majored in mathematics and astronomy. She also became an ardent supporter of women’s suffrage and abolishing slavery. At NYCC Stickney was a professor in a variety of subjects. It was during teaching that she met her husband, Asaph Hall. Due to social pressure, Stickney had to give up her career after married. Her and her husband remained in academia. He was also interested in astronomy, and together they focused on searching for satellites of Mars. She performed the heavy mathematical computations for the research. Stickney homeschooled her four children, all four of whom went on to illustrious careers themselves, and her son Angelo penned this biography of his extraordinary mother.

The largest crater on Phobos, a satellite of Mars, the Stickney Crater is named in her honor. It is approximately 9km wide and a very distinctive feature of this moon of Mars.

This new edition is dedicated to Larissa Watkins, gifted and generous in her multiple roles as librarian and researcher par excellence.