Transylvania in 1922: Report of the Commission Sent by the American and British Unitarian Churches to Transylvania in 1922

by Louis C. Cornish


In 1922, a joint commission of US and UK Unitarian Churches traveled to Transylvania after concerns over religions persecution arose in a prior visit in 1920. The Commission was gladdened to see an increase in liberty, but upset to discover that the Romanian government was not wholly supportive of not just Unitarians, but other religious organizations, such as the Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, and Lutherans. Namely, they were upset that endowments and land for these religious institutions was being taken back.

In this work, Louis C. Cornish has compiled an interesting look at Transylvania during this time period. He concludes with a plea to support a Unitarian Mission House in Budapest, which, at the time, had over six thousand Unitarians, and a single church with a seating capacity of 250 to support them.