Tales of the Mermaid Tavern

by Alfred Noyes


The Mermaid Tavern was a real place in London. Among other frequenters, a group called the “Fraternity of Sireniacal Gentlemen”, met monthly. They were famed literary figures of the Elizabethan period, Nov 17, 1558 – Mar 24, 1603. In this work, Noyes writes chapters celebrating these figures, including Shakespeare.

Alfred Noyes (1880-1958) was a prolific writer who was able to move successfully across several genres. Though he began in poetry, he also wrote screenplays, science fiction novels, ballads and short stories. He did a great deal of traveling and lecturing, spending time in his birth country of England as well as the United States, Canada, various points in South America, and eventually returning to the Isle of Wight where he spent his final years. He wrote numerous works, including The Loom of Y ears (1902), a biography, William Morris (1908), Some Aspects of Modern Poetry (1924), The Last Man (1940) and his autobiography, Two Worlds for Memory (1953).