Pioneer Days in the Wyoming Valley

by Mary Hinchcliffe Joyce

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This is a primary source for the history of Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley by someone deeply rooted in its society. Mary Hinchcliffe Joyce (1882-1938) was born in Sabastopol, Jenkins Township in Pennsylvania, and graduated from St. John’s High School. She did not attend college, but worked as a pioneerstenographer and bookkeeper at the Howell and King Brewery. A successful marriage made her a mainstay of life in the region, with service in myriad local groups—the Pittston Hospital Auxiliary, the Mothers’ Assistance Board of Luzerne County and the Luzerne County Historical Society. She was married to state senator, Patrick F. Joyce. In addition to being a politician, he and other associates owned Howell and King, making it into a soda pop and desserts business during Prohibition. His business success enabled him to maintain a large racing stable.

This edition is dedicated to Isaiah Akin, who has demonstrated a keen appreciated for the materials by which history is constructed.