My Ogowe: Being a Narrative of Daily Incidents During Sixteen Years in Equatorial West Africa

by Robert Hamill Nassau

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Robert Hamill Nassau (1835-1921) lived three lives as a busy doctor, colorful writer, and dedicated minister. He served several Presbyterian missions abroad, including present day Equatorial Guinea ogowealong the Ogowe River. In 1894, after France colonized Gabon and Ogowe, he spent his remaining years working in the German Kamerun (the region and its divided parts would later become reunified under the official name, The Republic of Cameroon) until 1906 when he retired and returned to the United States. My Ogowe offers a lens on the impact that colonization and missionary work had on the region and is a primary resource about the area.

This edition is dedicated to Larry Diamond, who among his many competencies has long been a shrewd observer of Africa.