Modern Methods in Horology

by Grant Hood

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This book offers a history of horology to the turn of the 20th century, with chapters on watchmaking and repair. Perhaps author Grant Hood can put the aims of the book in the best perspective:

“Knowing the difficulties that present themselves to the average watchmaker as he begins serving his apprenticeship and knowing how limited the supply of knowledge he is able to find and understand I have been prompted to write these pages, hoping the information may be such that it will encourage those that are discouraged, add renewed vigor to those who are ambitious and act as a warning to the ones that are inclined to be careless with their work. My aim will be to make each subject as simple and clear as possible, adding illustrations in all cases where they are needed. If the book is successful in helping my brother workmen and shall bring to them some new ideas that shall be beneficial or shall be the means of enabling them to do their work in an easier manner, the writer will feel that his labor has not been in vain and will be well pleased.”

This new edition is dedicated to San Tun Oo, enthusiastic collector of watches.