The Girls of Central High at Basketball, or, The Great Gymnasium Mystery

by Gertrude W. Morrison

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The Girls of Central High was a seven book series published between 1914-19, of which this is considered a highlight. Gertrude W. Morrison did not exist. Rather, it was one of many pseudonyms used by The Stratemeyer Syndicate, the first book packager for children. Edward L. Stratemeyer was the publisher and author of over 1,300 of the children’s works. Many freelancers wrote for Edward L. Stratemeyer, including Mildred Benson, who wrote the popular Nancy Drew series.

The author of the Girls of Central High series was W. Bert Foster, whose full name was Walter Bertram Foster (1869-1929). He wrote several books for the Stratemeyer Syndicate including for the Clint Webb, Ralph of the Railroad, Campfire Girls and Radio Girls series. He also wrote for several magazines including: The Argosy, Western Story Magazine, Tiptop Semi-Monthly, The All-Story Magazine, The Popular Magazine and others. His other works include: The Lost Galleon of Dubloon Island (1901), With Washington at Valley Forge (1902), With Ethan Allen at Ticonderoga (1903), In Alaskan Waters (1903), The Eve of War (1904), The Lost Expedition (1905), The Quest of the Silver Swan (1907), The Ocean Express; or, Clint Webb and the Sea Tramp (1913), The Frozen Ship; or, Clint Webb Among the Sealers (1913), Swept Out to Sea; or, Clint Webb Among the Whalers (1913), From Sea to Sea; or, Clint Webb’s Cruise on the Windjammer (1914), The Last Door (1921), Galloping Thunder (1927), Harwick of Hambone (1927), From Six to Six (1927) and Cactus Trails (1927).