The Mummy: Chapters on Egyptian Funeral Archeology

by E. A. Wallis Budge

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BookCoverImageE. A. Wallis Budge, despite having to leave school at the age of twelve to work, never stopped learning. He studied languages such as Hebrew and Assyrian, and volunteered at the British Museum. There he was introduced to leaders in Egyptian study, including Samuel Birch and George Smith. His studiousness was noticed, and several people worked to help Budge apply to Cambridge University, despite coming from very meager means. He attended in 1878-1883, and began working for the British Museum upon his graduation. He quickly became a key asset for his work in securing several prize acquisitions for the museum, including Aristotle’s Constitution of Athens and the Tell al-Amana tablets. Budge was the author of several studies with an emphasis on ancient Egyptian religion and language. The Mummy offers a detailed examination of ancient Egyptian funeral rites. This new edition is dedicated to Dr. Mohammed M. Aman, Professor at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.