Fifty-Two Sunday Dinners: A Book of Recipes

by Elizabeth O. Hiller


This collection of recipes by Elizabeth O. Hiller was immensely popular in the early 1900s, as it was reprinted in conjunction with a variety of advertisements. In this work, Hiller offers a collection of large Sunday meals for each month, based on available seasonal ingredients and on holidays often celebrated during these times. Some recipes are still familiar today, such as noodle soup, corn fritters, and macaroni with tomato sauce, while there are some classics of that era, such as Blackberry Roly-Poly, and prune and nut salad. There is also a section for deserts, such as ginger snaps, brownies, and raisin cakelets.

Elizabeth O. Hiller was a prominent chef and author. She attended the Pratt Institute, and later the Boston Cooking School in 1898. She went on to lead the Chicago Domestic Training School. In addition to teaching, Hiller wrote regularly, having a column featured in a variety of periodicals, such as Housekeep, Chef, and the Chicago Tribune. Her fame offered her the opportunity to travel and lecture on cooking. She rightly has been described as the Julia Childs of her time.

This new edition is dedicated to Sydnee Lipset, warm-hearted hostess to many students, none of whom went home hungry.