Patty Gray’s Journey from Boston to Baltimore: Stories for Children

by Caroline H. Dall

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Caroline Healy Dall (1822-1912) was a Transcendentalist who fought tirelessly for women’s rights. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and benefited from her family’s encouragement and funding of her continued education. In 1844, she married a Unitarian minister, Charles Dall. The pair moved to Toronto, but then back to Boston so that Caroline could raise their children while Charles went to Calcutta, India for missionary activities. While Caroline was in Boston, she became very active in the local Women’s Rights movement, and organized the New England Women’s Rights Convention. She worked closely with fellow suffragist Paulina Davis, and on developing a complimentary journal, Una. While she wrote a great deal on a whole variety of topics, she emphasized women’s rights, and transcendentalism.

This particular work is semi-autobiographical, as Dall tells of her experiences growing up during the period of slavery in the United States. Through her stories, some of the horrors of slavery and deeply ingrained racism are revealed.

This new edition is dedicated to the women of All Souls Unitarian Church in Washington.