Journal of a Trip to California: Across the Continent from Weston, Mo., to Weber Creek, Cal., in the Summer of 1850

by C. W. Smith, by R. W. Vail


Found in the litter of a storeroom was a small 4×6 notebook bound in leather. The notebook contained pressed flowers, plants, and the story of C. W. Smith’s journey to California. C. W. Smith’s father, William Smith, came to the United States from England in 1831 and lived near Victor, NY. After gold was discovered in California, C. W. made his way out west in 1850. The journal begins when C.W. arrives in Centreville, Indiana. This works offers an interesting look at the Gold Rush and in particular, the Overland Trail.

Robert William Glenroie Vail (1890-1966) wrote the brief introduction to this work. He was born in Victor, NY, but worked in Minnesota, and then New York City for the bulk of his life, as an editor, collector, lecturer, writer, historian, director and bibliographer.

This new edition is dedicated to John Cooper, Bibliophile and Freemason.