Our Engines of War, and How We Got to Make Them

by Henry Jervis-White Jervis


Henry Jervis-White Jervis (1825-1881) was an author, a British army officer and a politician. He was interested in the military, and attended the Royal Military Academy in Woolrich. Afterwards, he joined the Royal Artillery in 1844. During his military career, he also became interested in politics. His first attempt for parliament in 1857 was unsuccessful, but later in 1859 he was elected as Member of Parliament for Harwich. In 1863, Jervis-White-Jervis was elected as the deputy chairman of the Great Eastern Railway, where he was able to make several much needed changes. He remained in politics until 1880. During this time, he also wrote several books, including Manual of Field Operations, History of Corfu and of the Ionian Islands, and The Enfield Rifle.

This new edition is dedicated to the cadet corps of Tonbridge School in England, remembering parades for Lord Ironside.