The Brockton Hospital Cook Book

by The Ladies Aid of the Brockton Hospital


The Ladies Aid of the Brockton Hospital wrote this work in hopes of improving cuisine in the area, as well as raising financial aid for The Brockton Hospital which was a privately managed, public institution. The cook book features a variety of recipes for the average home, including for preparing bread, breakfast, meat, salads, pies and relishes. There is a chapter for recipes intended for those who are ill as well. In addition to providing a variety of easy to prepare omelets, cookies, jellies and more, the cookbook offers an interesting look at life, particularly consumer goods, of the 1910s.

Brockton Hospital was founded in 1896, and is known for featuring a school of nursing. It closed during the Great Depression, but reopened due to World War II. The hospital is now known as Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital, located in Brockton, Massachusetts.